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" You Will Sleep Better At Night,
When You Know It's Wired Right "
Electricity -- our lives virtually revolve around it.
But, unless it's wired correctly and carefully, it can be deadly.

At Delcollo Electric, we have over three decades of experience in providing modern,
efficient and safe electrical systems.  Whether you are building a new home, rewiring an older one,
adding a new room or addition... your electrical system must be efficient, economical, and most of all, safe.

That is what Delcollo Electric delivers.  By evaluating each customers needs individually, we can design an electrical system that can meet your requirements and budget. 

Our electricians take pride in quality and dependability of their craftsmanship.

Some Services Offered
Trouble shooting and repair
Service up-grades 
Appliance circuits
Pool and hot tub wiring
Security lighting 
Ceiling fans
Attic and whole house fans
Paddle fans
Add Switches and receptacles
Air conditioning circuits
Electric heat

Indoor and Outdoor lighting
Underground circuits
Telephone wiring
Cable TV wiring
Door bell systems
Surge suppressors
Lightning protection
Aluminum wiring repairs 
Smoke detectors
and much more 
Please call us, we would be pleased to answer all your questions
Delcollo Electric's service department has worked with thousands of businesses
to renovate, and maintain their store or office buildings. 

We provide complete electrical system services, from repairing a lighting fixture,
to adding additional circuitry for equipment and computers.
Our service department can do a complete  up-grade of your power and lighting systems.
Delcollo Electric has an extensive and long history in the commercial and industrial field. 

We have worked with thousands of businesses to renovate, and maintain their facilities and warehouses.

Converting fuses to circuit breakers or up-grading your service to a larger size.
Our Service department is armed with the latest in electronic testing equipment.  
Delcollo Electric is always investing in high tech instruments.
This aids our technicians in finding and making the necessary repairs
to your electrical system quickly.
If you are experiencing flickering lights, loss of power or any other electrical emergency that cannot wait till the next business day, and you require after hour service.*

Please call our main number (302) 994-3400  and follow the voice mail selections where you will leave your name, telephone number and a brief description of your problem.

This will activate our on call electricians pager,
they will retrieve your message and return your call.

Normal business hours are
Monday thru Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm
Underground cable and fault locating equipment
Earth ground resistance testing equipment
Primary and secondary cable integrity testing
Infra-red scanning for heat and loose connections
New installations -- up-grades -- expert trouble shooting and repairs services
In your home, office, store and factory

Armed with the latest tools and electronic testing equipment,

The Delcollo Electrician
Can find the trouble and make the necessary repairs
to your electrical system quickly and safely.

Amperage and voltage chart recording
Light meters for foot candle and lux level readings
Capacitor testing equipment
Sound level meters
And much more
Residential and Commercial
Voted Best Electrical Contractor

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Trouble Shooting And Repair Services

       Always Choose An Hourly Rate.
       Avoid Fixed Fee Pricing For Repair work

"The biggest challenge is getting someone who's going to treat you fairly on pricing.
Rates based on time & materials is definitely the way to go, instead of a flat fee quote which benefits the contractor.
A fixed price quote on repairs might sound good to some people, but it's really a way for the contractor to get agreement on a certain dollar amount that may cover several hours. Then if he fixes the problem in an hour, the difference all goes in his pocket, rather than only paying for one hour's labor plus the part. Also, the fixed-fee contractor's incentive is to fix the problem as quickly as possible, even if it's only a short-term solution rather than a permanent repair.   "That's why at Delcollo Electric we do repair work on a time & material basis so the pricing is always fair to our customers . We've been doing business this way since 1975 and it's why we get so much repeat business. We still have today, some of our very first customers from 1975 because we keep delivering value for the money paid.

Other electricians might give a quote on the phone of an hourly rate, but that's really only their "trip charge" to come visit you.  Once that electrician arrives and diagnoses the problem, it switches to a fixed fee quote, again, always in the contractor's favor, not the customers best interest.

Please call us, we would be pleased to answer your questions
(302) 994-3400

F R E E     E S T I M A T E S    G L A D L Y     G I V E N 
You Will Sleep Better At Night
When You Know It's Wired Right